"Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado is an artist who has been exploring the limits of visuality and sound, from the human voice, the sounds of nature (the river, the wind) and those whose listening is often considered less harmonious, such as machine noise, saturation or computer sounds. (...) The artist offers the interactive use of sound as a language capable of giving meaning to the formal appreciation of art (...) Sonic Maps: Overlapping cities (Induced Performance, 2014) and previously in A Modern Housewife (2008) where the noise is produced through a modified iron and several garments that also includes a hand sewn corset." Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa PhD in Hispanic Studies Columbia University NYC 2014 "(...)This rationality of forms can, and indeed are, the case with Torres' work, expressed through codes that are no more than possible translations of the same phenomenon. The technology in this process becomes an ally when it comes to exploring the possibilities that coding offers. Also, in the project she carried out in 2004, called Musical Coordinates, Paola Torres projected light onto taut strings across a space, in musical notes, emphasizing the synaesthetic nature of translations made possible by technological tools." [1] Elisa Arca “Principio Vegetal”, Revista Ansible 2018 "Paola Torres Núñez del Prado uses in an innovative way, different artistic methods in her work while combining, for example, social anthropology, programming and interactive co-creation, building viable models to investigate textile patterns, now taken as banks of collective memory and cognitive structures. Through her artistic research Torres Núñez del Prado contributes to the creation of knowledge about the textile designer immersed in a complex cultural role." Bella Rune Textile Artist & Curator 2016