"Questions about the historically low value of textiles, their aesthetics, politics, representation, tactility, vision and material come together in the exhibition [Textila Undertexter]. (...) Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado shows her electronic embroidery on canvas where the post-colonial criticism is closely woven through pattern and its process. " Milou Allerholm Art Historian (Sweden) Extract of Dagens Nyheter publication(main Swedish newspaper) 2016 "Embroidery refers to traditional Peruvian textiles of the past and present where the pattern has been distorted by a contrasting sound, which has been added by displacing the original digital design that the embroidery creates. These Corrupt Structures show traditional knowledge destroyed in the process of searching for minerals or ancestral structures that have been deformed by colonialism." Helena Selder Curator (Sweden) Undertexter Textile Catalog 2016