"Paola Torres builds what I call a knot of code, and plays with the frontier of understanding through the different senses; For example, you can be non-deaf, but you can hear the sound, however you do not understand it, you can be blind and you can understand the braille, but you do not understand the sound either ... Actually it is a game of many codes included in one single machine. Braille immediately refers to how the senses can limit the perception of certain things of reality. " Kiko Mayorga Electronic Engineer and Co-curator of Automatic / Versatile (Fundación Telefónica, 2008) "In the work Autorretrato (2007), Paola designs an Interactive Braille Installation that is presented as a "Painting for the Blind", seeking to deepen the relation between this disability and the traditional ways of approaching a painting, questioning the conventional ways of perceiving them. When visual experience is not possible the artist offers the interactive use of sound as a language capable of giving meaning to the formal appreciation of art." Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa PhD in Hispanic Studies Columbia University NYC 2014