"In (...) Kanobo: The Song's Path (2013), Paola establishes her creative endeavor around the songs of Shipibo, an ethnic group in the Peruvian Amazon. This interactive Installation combine Kene (Shipibo designs) and the extinct Brazilian Marajó culture of the Amazon, exploring the existing natural territoriality before the sovereign border. Here the artist acts as a shaman who, through a constant movement and much visual and sonorous stimulation, induces an almost psychotropic experience. When a person enters the cubicle a pattern is generated that is reflected on each side of the space. This interaction produces distortion over the very pattern that symbolically functions as an analogue over the failure of human subjectivity and its intervention in the natural world. Her work with the Shipibos is part of a broader investigation that includes a reflection on conservation of the environment and the impact of oil extraction (The Empty Net, 2012). " Olga Rodríguez-Ulloa PhD in Hispanic Studies Columbia University NYC 2014